How to Fit a Toilet

How to Fit a Toilet

How to Fit a Toilet

How to fit a toilet

If you are looking to replace your old toilet, but are unsure how to fit a new one, then you will be glad to know that you are not alone. This article will take you through the process of installing a new toilet. You will learn how to remove an existing toilet, fit a new one, and connect the water supply to the toilet cistern.

Is it easy to fit a new toilet?

For a professional plumber, installing a toilet is a simple task. But for an average DIY-er, it can take a day. It is a very heavy and complicated job that requires a strong back.

First, you need to prepare the area. You should choose a location for your toilet that is out of the way and accessible. Also, you need to consider the size of the room and any objects that might interfere.

You should also take the time to check your new toilet for leaks. When you buy a new toilet, it should come with mounting bolts. These bolts are used to secure the tank and bowl to the floor.

After you have removed your old toilet, you will need to prepare the floor for your new one. This includes removing any debris from the area. Once the work is done, you can install your new unit.

Before you start, be sure that your water supply has been turned off. If it isn’t, you will need to disconnect it from the wall. Then, use an adjustable wrench to remove the bolts.

Before you place your tank on the bowl, you need to check the flange of the tank. It may need to be rotated to match the position of the bowl.

How to remove a toilet

There are a few steps involved in removing a toilet. First, you’ll want to gather the appropriate tools. Then, you’ll need to decide what to do with it. If you have access to a recycling center or a waste management service, you might be able to have a professional remove the toilet for you. However, if you don’t, you’ll need to follow these simple steps.

In the bathroom, you’ll want to remove the toilet’s seat and water supply line. You can do this with a wrench or flathead screwdriver. Once these are off, you’ll need to cut the caulking around the base of the toilet.

To remove the tank, you’ll need to use an adjustable wrench. Before you do this, you should be sure to empty the tank. This will help minimize spillage.

While you’re at it, you’ll need to remove the wax ring. The wax ring serves as a seal between the bowl and the drain flange. It’s also a good insulating medium, so it’s a great idea to remove it.

The wax ring may be replaced with a waxless seal. Alternatively, you can clean the flange using disinfectant cleaning solution.

A putty knife or similar tool is helpful in removing the ring from the drain flange. Also, you can use a shop vac to vacuum out the debris.

How to fit a close coupled toilet

A close coupled toilet is a modern take on the traditional toilet. It features a cistern directly above the bowl. This design is often more cost effective and less complicated to install than a conventional one. However, it’s important to follow the proper steps to ensure a successful installation.

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of seat you want. Most come with a soft close feature, which prevents the seat from slamming shut when flushing. Some models are designed with a dual flush feature, which allows for either a full flush or a reduced flush.

Next, you’ll need to measure the area where you’ll place the toilet. To do this, use a tape measure and mark the areas on the floor.

You’ll also need to connect the cistern to the pan. This is a simple task that requires the right tools and instructions. The best way to do this is by unpacking your new toilet kit.

During the installation process, you’ll need to check all the components you get with the kit. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you may want to call in a plumber. Once you have the plumbing part of the job done, you’ll be ready to finish up.

Connecting the new toilet to the existing soil pip

If you are installing a new toilet in your home, you will need to connect it to the existing soil pip. This is one of the most important parts of your plumbing system. It helps the waste from your flushes go into the sewer.

There are many different ways you can connect the new toilet to the soil pipe. The most common way is by using a tee fitting. You will need to do some measuring, cutting and fitting before you can start. A tee fitting should be done according to local building code.

Other methods include using L-shaped brackets. These brackets are fixed to the floor of your bathroom and are hidden in the base of your toilet. Once you have installed the L-shaped brackets, you can screw down your new toilet to the floor.

Another way to connect your new toilet to the soil pip is by venting it through a roof vent. This is the simplest method. Just make sure that the vent pipe is large enough to fit in the roof and that it slopes away from the toilet.

For the best results, you should install a PVC primer to the soil pipe outside of the flange. Also, you should use a slip coupling to seal the end of the pipe.

How to fit a toilet pan to the floor

The installation of a toilet pan to a floor requires some skill. If not done properly, you could end up with a leak. To fix this, you must first seal the base of the toilet with a good caulk. This will keep splashes from puddling under the toilet and make cleaning easier.

The toilet bowl may have a number of bolts that connect it to the flange of the floor. These are sometimes covered by plastic caps. However, these can be unscrewed and drilled to a larger diameter.

Next, you need to determine the proper spacing for your toilet. Many models require a distance of 10 inches or 14 inches. Using a tape measure, mark the appropriate area.

Once you have the proper spacing, you need to install a mounting flange. A mounting flange is a piece of plywood or other material that sits on top of the subfloor. It is important to use a flange that is small enough to bolt securely.

In some cases, you will need to use a shim to raise the flange. Shims can be glued down with caulk, or they can be cut with a utility knife. Make sure you don’t cut into the flooring, as this can cause a lot of damage.

Connecting the water supply to the toilet cistern

If you’re worried that you might have a leak in your toilet, it’s important to check it regularly. Leaks waste about 1 trillion gallons of water each year. They can also increase your water bill. Here are a few tips to help you find and fix leaks.

Check the connection between the water supply and your toilet cistern. If the line seems loose, it might be time to replace it. Before you buy a new line, make sure the old one fits. You may also need to replace the valve.

Toilet supply lines are relatively easy to install, but the problem of leaking can be tricky. It’s a good idea to get a professional to take care of any plumbing repairs.

Most toilets work through a combination of gravity and siphoning. When you flush the toilet, the water is pulled from the tank and pushes the contents of the bowl through the drain. Once the tank is empty, the flapper in the tank drops back into place.

Your toilet will not flush if it has a leak. This could cause odors to build up in your home. The leaking supply line might not be tightened enough, or it might be defective.

Fitting a toilet seat

Toilet seats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The most important thing is to find a fitting that fits your toilet. If you are unsure, refer to the manufacturers instructions. This will help you avoid sizing issues.

Fitting a new toilet seat can be a relatively simple process. There are two main parts to the seat, the hinge plate and the lid. Each part interacts to keep the seat stable.

Before attempting to fit a new toilet seat, make sure you have the proper tools. These include a socket wrench, a small hacksaw, a flathead screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a pair of protective gloves.

You will need to remove your old toilet seat first. If you don’t, you may damage the bowl. Use a putty knife to protect the porcelain of the bowl.

You can also purchase kits to assemble the seat. Most stores sell these kits. Alternatively, you can use the tools you already have. Just be sure to clean the toilet before removing it.

Removing the bolts holding the seat in place is the next step. It’s a good idea to use a lubricant or penetrating oil to loosen the nuts. After removing the nuts, you can lift the seat out of the bowl.

Designs Tips

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom Lighting Tips
Bathroom Lighting Tips

When choosing bathroom lighting, there are many factors to consider. While you may already have a general idea of how to light a bathroom, there are still several factors to consider when selecting your fixtures. For example, you may want to use fixtures that have white diffused shades. Another important consideration is the color of the bulbs. You want to choose ones with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or higher.

Fixtures with white diffused shades

White diffused shades can help achieve the desired illumination levels in bathrooms. They also offer a soft glow and are a great option if you want a soft, even light. You can use recessed and track lighting to achieve this effect. In addition, bottom-up shades and sheers can be used to block out unwanted light while still providing the right amount of privacy.

Color temperature is another important consideration when choosing the right lighting for the bathroom. Keep the light temperature within the 2700K-3000K range for the best appearance and comfort. Using light bulbs that have a color temperature of higher than this will result in harsh glare.


Downlights in bathroom lighting are a practical choice to increase overall light levels. They are also often dimmable, which means you can change their brightness as you please. However, you should take measurements of your bathroom before choosing downlights. You want to avoid unwanted shadows and ensure the lights are placed in the correct areas.

Downlights are a space-saving option for bathrooms, but they can be problematic if you want to place them over a bath or shower. This is why many architects and designers recommend IP-rated downlights in bathroom lighting. Apart from bathrooms, these lights can be installed in lounges, bedrooms, and even outside.

Semi-flush mounts

Semi-flush mounts in bathroom lighting are a versatile choice. These light fixtures can accommodate a wide range of bulb types and have a relatively narrow gap. They are available in a variety of finishes, shades, and sizes. If you are not sure which style to choose, there are a few tips to consider.

The first thing you should do is measure the area on your ceiling. This will make choosing the right type of light fixture easier. When shopping for a bathroom fixture, make sure to choose one that matches your bathroom’s decor. You can choose from finishes like black, chrome, or nickel.


A pair of bathroom sconces can add an extra layer of lighting to your bathroom. They are an excellent alternative to vanity lights, providing stylish task lighting close to eye level. They are available in different styles and metal finishes, such as antique brass and rustic iron. They are also available in a variety of two-light options.

When choosing the sconces for your bathroom, consider their height and location. The right height will create a balanced look. For example, a sconce positioned over a vanity mirror will create symmetrical lighting and eliminate shadows.

Downlights with semi-opaque shades

When it comes to bathroom lighting, downlights are a popular option. They create a complete circle with the ceiling and are often used over the bath or shower. They can be either recessed or spot lights. Some of them can feature separate spots or integrated LED modules. There are even fixtures available that do not require a driver. Recessed downlights are often on a 220V power supply.

When choosing the right type of light for a bathroom, the CRI (color rendering index) of the light is important. The higher the CRI, the more accurate the colors will look. A CRI of 100 is ideal, but is not always possible. Usually, you should look for a light with a CRI of 82 or higher.

Sconces with semi-opaque shades

If you’re looking for a sconce in the bathroom, consider one with a semi-opaque shade. These sconces can provide even light distribution across the face, particularly in areas that receive high levels of natural light. They’re also available in a variety of styles, from mason jars to modern-style sconces with sleek dome glass shades.

Wall sconces with semi-opaque shade can also serve as a decorative piece in the bathroom. These fixtures are often paired with mirrors to create an elegant spa-like atmosphere. Semi-opaque shades help diffuse the light, eliminating any harsh shadows.


How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Bathroom Tips – How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

bathroom tips

To make a small bathroom feel larger, avoid making the room too dark. The resulting shadows make the room appear cramped. Install freestanding light fixtures to push shadows back. Be sure to use light bulbs that give off soft white light instead of harsh yellow-orange ones. Additionally, keep windows uncovered to let natural light enter the room and allow the occupants to see the outside.

Simple design

There are many ways to achieve a simple design for your bathroom. You can use basic shapes, neutral colors, and simple fixtures. The goal is to create a space that feels comfortable and organized. Incorporate simple ideas and add simple pieces to your bathroom to create a more functional space. This is the easiest way to achieve a bathroom you love.

Use natural materials to enhance the look of your bathroom. For example, a natural stone countertop combined with light wood cabinets can make your bathroom look bright and spacious. You can also choose floor tiles with graphic patterns or odd shapes to add some color and interest to the room. A combination of natural materials and simple colors will create an inviting and relaxing space in your bathroom.

Consider installing shelves above the toilet, the tub, and the entry door. You can also add shelves above your vanity mirror. Open shelves are a great way to add storage while keeping the look open. Metal towel racks can also be a great way to store towels. If you choose cabinets, choose ones with glass fronts. Adding robe hooks and towel bars to the back of the door is another good idea.

One of the most important elements of a simple design for bathroom is creating space. This is essential for comfort and accessibility. It is important to maximize the positioning of all fixtures and to provide enough space for other elements. You can contact a design professional to help you plan the best place for these elements. This way, you can maximize the space in your bathroom and make it more functional and less cluttered.

One of the most popular trends in contemporary architecture and interior design is minimalism. Whether you want to keep your bathroom as minimalistic as possible, or go all out and add a splash of color, a simple design is a great way to achieve a contemporary look. The right accessories and textures can add a dynamic element to your simple design.

Color scheme

To create a harmonious color scheme for your bathroom, try pairing complementary colors. Generally, complementary colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel. They are also known as analogous colors. They go together well and can work to enhance the overall design of your bathroom. But don’t go too overboard with your color scheme. Use a couple complementary colors and a neutral color to create a balance.

Bathrooms are often white, but there are many colors you can use to add character. For example, a geometric tile floor can add personality to a white bathroom. Wooden accents can also enhance the effect. If you’d rather go for a traditional bathroom look, consider a cream-colored color scheme. It will add a subtle glitz and warm ambiance to your bathroom.

Pale green works well in bathrooms with lots of natural light. However, it might look cold if it’s used in a darker room. If you don’t want a neutral color scheme, choose a bright green color like Benjamin Moore’s Italian Ice Green. If you’d like to use color in accessories, you can choose bright accents that complement the colors in your bathroom.

While brown is a classic neutral color, you can also try a shade of it to add character to your bathroom. A dark chocolate brown bathroom can be a nice contrast to white and can help you create a spa-like atmosphere. You can also try a lighter shade of this color, as it’s a very soothing shade and looks great with neutral accents.

Adding a pop of color to your bathroom can be scary, but you don’t have to go overboard. Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the home and can handle a bold color dose without making it feel overwhelming. Just remember to tone down the contrasting shades so that the room doesn’t look overwhelming.


When it comes to choosing a mirror for the bathroom, there are many options to choose from. A framed mirror is a common choice, and these often have an elegant, traditional style. Alternatively, you can choose a mirror with an intricate design and bold colours. Another option is a bronze-framed mirror, which is durable and does not rust even in a damp environment.

Choosing a mirror for your bathroom can be a great way to add beauty and personality to the space. The mirror above the sink should be large enough to show your face clearly. It should also be positioned in such a way that you can easily see your entire face. However, remember that the mirror should not be too large that it obstructs your view.

Mirrors for bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes. Many of these are frameless, but some are also framed. A framed mirror can be a great choice for a contemporary bathroom because it can add a splash of color. It is also possible to purchase a mirror with built-in lighting, which is a great option for modern bathrooms. These mirrors can make you feel like a movie star in the privacy of your bathroom!

Oval-shaped mirrors are a great option for a bathroom with limited wall space. They are often the most space-efficient choice for a narrow space and can enhance the overall design. The oval mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and can be bought in framed or frameless options.

Mirrors for bathrooms are an essential part of your bathroom. They help you see yourself in the best light and create a sense of space. In addition to being an essential bathroom accessory, a mirror can be a design element, enhancing the room and adding a sense of style.


In the bathroom, it is important to choose the right type of light to suit the different activities that you perform. The best way to achieve this is to use various layers of light in various areas of the room. This will ensure that all parts of the room are well illuminated, even if the room is multi-purpose.

Bathrooms are also great places for string lights. These can be hung on the walls or around the mirror edges to create soft, diffused lighting. You can also install lighted mirrors to add integrated lighting. Another option is under cabinet strip lighting for the vanities. These lights can create the perfect lighting for the countertop area.

Recessed lighting is another common type of bathroom lighting. It is often found in modern bathrooms and is one of the most versatile types of lighting. Recessed ceiling lights are installed in hollow spaces in the ceiling. They look like they are coming out of the ceiling and provide excellent ambient lighting. They can also be used to highlight walls, artwork, and furniture.

LED strip lights are another great option for bathroom lighting. Their slim design makes them an attractive choice and provides excellent illumination. Furthermore, these lights evenly distribute light throughout the bathroom. Many people choose to use them in conjunction with other fixtures to create a stunning, well-lit bathroom. However, you should be careful not to overload the bathroom with too many fixtures. This can result in a flashy and over-the-top look. Therefore, it is essential to achieve the right balance of lighting.

Investing in good lighting in the bathroom can transform the space into a serene and relaxing area. Regardless of your style, a well-lit bathroom is essential for both function and appearance. You should start by considering vanity and ceiling lighting first. Then you can look into recessed lighting for general illumination.


One of the best bathroom storage tips is to keep things out of sight. Baskets are a great solution for bathroom storage and can fit in more room than plain shelves. Baskets can be organized by color and keep things out of sight. You can also use open trays to save drawer space. Use these storage ideas to create a more organized space in your bathroom!

Often, homeowners have limited bathroom storage space. This is usually due to limited square footage, limited counter space, and/or limited cabinets and shelves. Not having enough storage space can seriously limit the functionality of your bathroom. Fortunately, there are many solutions available to help you maximize your bathroom space. You just have to know where to look.

If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom, you can use a window shelf to create extra storage space. These shelves can store small items like bottles and towels. You can even install hooks on these shelves for easier access. You can also use a discarded dresser drawer for extra storage space.

Floating shelves are another great solution for bathroom storage. These can hold soaps, towels, and other accessories. These shelves can also double as decorative pieces. Floating shelves are also great for storing toilet paper. They can double as shelves for other items such as shampoo bottles. They’re also a great way to create more space in a small bathroom.


Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

Bathroom Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

bathroom tips

If you want your bathroom to feel like a spa, there are a few things you can do to make the space feel more spacious. For instance, you should maximize storage space and install recessed ceiling lights. You should also use a towel rack and separate it into several smaller ones so that each user has a towel to hang.

Make the most of your square meterage

Despite its small size, your bathroom shouldn’t limit your design and decorating dreams. In fact, a small bathroom can look luxurious and spacious if you know how to make the most of the limited square meterage available. You can even use a shower enclosure to make a narrow bathroom look larger by installing it in a corner.

Maximize storage

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, there are ways to maximize storage in both. One way is to make use of unused corners. This is valuable space that is usually wasted but can be used to store bathroom items. Hanging a medicine cabinet on the wall, for example, can free up valuable floor space. And you can add storage with bins and baskets. Look for a shelf with a 1” lip or less so that the baskets or bins fit inside.

Decorative accents and clever storage can go a long way in making a bathroom look spacious. A mirrored cabinet above the toilet can be an attractive option. Alternatively, use storage containers to store smaller toiletries. You can also build a shelf from pallets and use it for storage.

Bathroom storage is often limited. Finding solutions to solve this issue requires some creativity. Often, the most effective storage solutions fit into a tiny bathroom, are the ones that match the decor and fit neatly. By adding more storage space, you can reduce the stress and clutter in the morning. You can also organize the items better and keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

You can maximize bathroom storage space with plastic bins, tissue dispensers, and towel racks. A small glass display case can hold extra towels near the sink, and a basket on top can house other non-display items. Using baskets instead of bulky shelves can free up counter space.

Create a spa-like feel

Create a spa-like feel in your bathrooms with calming colors and accessories. You can create a spa-like atmosphere by adding dimmer switches, dim lighting, candles, and even music to the room. Adding waterproof speakers can add to the ambience. Natural colors are also a good choice. Colors like green and blue create a soothing atmosphere and will make your bathroom feel more like a spa.

Using natural materials in your bathroom will make it feel more luxurious. For example, wood can add warmth and character. You can even use wood as an accent in your bathroom. You can also display a piece of artwork or a large piece of art on your walls. Alternatively, a recessed shower niche can serve as a convenient place to store your shower essentials.

Another way to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is to paint the walls. You can do this as a weekend project. Just make sure to use bathroom-specific paint with a high gloss finish. Also, make sure there are no dried soap suds on the walls since this will prevent the paint from setting. You can also use calming scents to create the spa-like atmosphere you’re looking for.

Adding plants to your bathroom will also create a spa-like atmosphere. A potted plant can be placed on a countertop or even hung from the ceiling. However, it is best to choose plants that can survive in a moist environment. In addition to potted plants, you can also use fresh flowers or faux plants.

Install recessed ceiling lights

Before installing recessed ceiling lights, be sure to turn off the electricity to the room. You’ll also have to cut drywall and replace lighting fixtures. Although you may be able to do this on your own, you’re better off hiring a licensed electrician. This will ensure that the electrical system is installed properly and safely.

The best place for recessed lights in bathrooms is at least 20 inches away from the wall. The closer the lights are to the wall, the more intense the light. In addition, installing the lights too close to walls creates shadows and areas of intense light on the wall. Be sure to follow the regulations for installing recessed lighting in bathrooms.

When installing recessed lights in your bathroom, be sure to choose those that are IP44 or IP65 rated. These lights are specifically designed for bathrooms and must be resistant to damp and wet conditions. They should also be double-insulated and have low voltage. You should also pay attention to the color temperature of the light, which is measured in Kelvin degrees.

Recessed lighting is best installed by a professional. Doing the job yourself can be risky. Hiring an electrician may be your best bet. Also, some recessed lights require a transformer that delivers a step-down flow of electricity. And some may require an IC-rated housing to prevent electrical fires.

Install open shelving

Open shelving in the bathroom is an excellent way to squeeze in more storage while adding a bit of charm to the room. The first step is to measure the space available. This will help you determine the dimensions of the shelf, the distance between the shelves, and the number of shelves you will need. Afterward, drill the holes and mount the brackets.

Then, you can use a 1×4 board or a common pine board for the base. Then, use wood glue to adhere the top and bottom pieces. You’ll need to repeat these steps for each shelf. Then, use wood putty to fill any nail holes. After all the pieces are installed, you can paint or stain them to match the rest of the room.

To install open shelving, you will need to select the right size of shelf boards. Be sure to choose boards that match the dimensions of the brackets. The shelf boards can be made from common lumber, reclaimed wood, or premade shelves. Make sure to choose the board before ordering the brackets to ensure that they will fit correctly.

You can also opt for freestanding shelves. These are ideal for small bathrooms. You can paint them the same color as the wall. This will create the illusion of a larger space.

Choose the right tile

One of the most important things to consider when remodeling a bathroom is the tile. The right tile can make an impactful statement and protect you and your family from potential hazards. Light-colored tiles are a popular choice right now, as they make rooms look bigger and airier. You can add splashes of color to the room with accessories in contrasting colors.

When choosing tiles, you must take into account the size of the room. If your bathroom is small, you should avoid using large format tiles. Choose tiles that are medium-sized or smaller. You can also choose mosaic tiles for small cloakrooms. There is no need to go for a uniform color scheme throughout your home.

The right tile color can make a big difference in the overall look of your bathroom. If you want a rustic look, choose natural stone tiles. This type of tile adds a charming charm to any bathroom. Alternatively, if you want a spa-like feeling, consider glass tile flooring. Subway tiles are also popular options for minimalist bathrooms.

Porcelain is another popular choice. Porcelain tile is harder than ceramic and has a greater water resistance. Porcelain is the most expensive type, but it is more difficult to install and clean.